When it comes to the creation of my designs, I usually keep a sketch pad with me at all times. When I am out and about, and see a shape or form that inspires me, I sketch it down.  I start with these shapes in mind when I start creating a new design. Then it's off to the jewelry bench. To be honest most of the time my original idea are not what I end up with as a finished design. I have created some of my best designs through a process I like to call "happy accidents". I tend to be very organic in my creation of jewelry and you will find that my pieces may not be perfectly symmetrical or even straight. I think that the imperfections in things are what makes them special and beautiful. I really want my jewelry designs and pieces to look handmade, at the moment every piece of jewelry passes thru my hands and that is really important to me.  I want the women that wear my jewelry to know that a lot of love and time goes into each and every piece I create. This means that my price margin may not be as good as other designers but that is my process at the moment. I feel that when you wear my jewelry you feel the love and quality that it possesses and for that, it is totally worth the extra investment.  

We are so proud of the products that we make and proud of ourselves for doing our part to preserve traditional metalsmithing as both an art form and way for us to sustain ourselves financially.


Thank you for supporting my little dream!