Why Custom Jewelry is Always the Best Choice

Why Custom Jewelry is Always the Best Choice

Posted by Lea Smith on Jan 16th 2018

Do you find yourself frustrated when trying to find the perfect gift for your special someone?

Are you unimpressed with what the boutiques are offering? Do you often march to your

own beat, and find your personal style hard to find in stores? Maybe you just want to make

something special, that reminds you of, or celebrates a special memory or belief. These are

all reasons why you should have a custom piece of jewelry made. Whether it be a pair of 

earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring, custom designs are heirloom pieces that are 

treasured by the recipients and passed down through the generations along with the stories 

of their creation.


Understanding the Process

When you're trying to plan a custom project for someone special or for yourself, you should 

look for a jeweler you relate to. Research their past and present work to ensure you find 

someone who can pull off the aesthetic you desire. Collaboration is an important part of the custom 

jewelry experience, so have a sketch drawn out that you can show the designer, and provide 

several pictures of designs, features, and stones you like for your piece. Always make sure 

to express any concerns or desires up front. You may want to pick some materials for your 

custom project, and definitely have an idea about what metals as well as what stones remind 

you of the person, if your project is meant to be a gift. 

Stones can be a great way to bring meaningful color or energy to a piece. Many stones are 

known to have certain healing properties that can benefit the person the piece is being gifted to.

Don't fret if you are unsure of what stones or metals to pick, these are great questions to

ask your jewelry designer. They will be able to give you options and help you make these


Another important thing to know when purchasing a custom piece from a designer, is the process

takes longer than simply buying something already completed. Often, jewelry designers will have 

one-of-a-kind pieces, but if you desire something more personal, the process is much more involved.

Materials typically have to be ordered specifically, and multiple meetings are often needed to arrive 

at the final decision for your unique design needs. Custom jewelry is your chance to be involved in 

creating a piece that you will cherish – not only for what it represents, but also because you oversaw 

and fine-tuned every detail of its creation from the moment the idea was conceived. 

Please contact Lea Smith for inquires about getting started with the a custom piece of your own. contact@leasmithdesigns.com