Gift ideas for the holidays!

Posted by Lea Smith on Nov 1st 2016

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Do you year after year rack your brain over what to get your friends and family for Christmas? Well worry no more because I have put together some great ideas for you that will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones.

Custom jewelry is always a great idea when you are wanting to go that extra mile and really give a gift that will melt the heart, and leave your special someone in amazement with your creativity. One of my favorite things about being a jewelry artist is making a "one of a kind piece" for people. I think it is a gift that people cherish and will keep and hand down to their loved ones over time. This is a great opportunity to remind someone of a special date or experience that was memorable in the relationship.

Another few great ideas would be to make something special for all your friends. This is a great way to be economical and still give a meaningful gift. I always enjoy getting DIY gifts from my friends. A few good simple and easy ideas would be to make soap, specialty salts and seasonings, or a succulent surprise. 

Hope this helps! Now get out there and do yourself a favor and start early on your holiday gifts! If you would like to have a custom piece of jewelry made for someone contact me at