Do I need to higher a professional photographer?

Posted by Lea Smith on Oct 27th 2016

One of the first things I realized when starting my career as a jewelry designer, is that pictures are kind of  " A BIG DEAL", when creating my brand. Being such a big DIY personality, I of course tried doing my product photos myself. If you are anything like me you will probably ask yourself "how hard can it be to take a few pictures of my jewelry with a white background?" Well, not knowing much at first about photography and lighting, it was harder than I thought. I reached out to an old friend of mine Jessica Giesey in San Antonio, Texas.  I had been noticing her beautiful pictures on social media, and knew she would come to my rescue. She specializes in food photography and has quickly risen to the top in the San Antonio market as one of the best photographers around. I was impressed with her uncanny artistic eye and her knowledge of lighting. The pictures of drinks and food plates literally made me stop what I was doing and make a cocktail for myself and then start on dinner for the night.  Check her out at

these are just a few of the white background photos she took.


As a jewelry designer, white backgrounds photos are essential for many reasons. They are great for the website of course, but also needed if you are working with any boutiques or have any events you are doing. White background photos allow you the copy and paste ability that is so great when advertising your pieces on other sites or publications. 

As many of us realize in the retail industry, "lifestyle" shots are essential to portraying a story and or feeling to your buyer. Doing this well, and then blasting your story into the social media world can help boost your brand recognition tremendously. For my lifestyle shots I used a Austin local Director/Producer/Motion Graphics Designer/ Photographer....this guy can do it all very well!  Ethan Alexander

Ethan helped me realize how important telling a story is to building my brand, and helped me do so by capturing these beautiful lifestyle shots.