Do I need to higher a professional photographer?

Posted by Lea Smith on Oct 27th 2016

One of the first things I realized when starting my career as a jewelry designer, is that pictures are kind of  " A BIG DEAL", when creating my brand. Being such a big DIY personality, I of cours … read more

Austin Texas Fall 2016 Style

Posted by Lea Smith on Oct 4th 2016

One thing I absolutely love about living in my beloved city of Austin, Texas, is our Fall weather.  If  you know me well, you know that I am not a huge fan of wearing layers of clo … read more

Fall Collection

Posted by Lea Smith on Sep 20th 2016

Even though it still feels like Summer, Fall is on the horizon, and Lea Smith Designs has some exciting new pieces to show you. My collection is all hand crafted by yours truly. I created my line … read more

Healing properties of Amethyst and Amazonite

Posted by Lea Smith on Sep 5th 2016

Do you ever find yourself completely obsessed with a certain stone or crystal? You desperately look for jewelry that showcases their beauty.  Finding that perfect accessory gives you great joy kn … read more

5 Things to know about Labradorite

Posted by Lea Smith on Aug 30th 2016

Labradorite is one of my favorite stones to add into my jewelry because is resonates with nearly every one who lays eyes on it. This may be due to its flashy iridescent color paired with the many heal … read more