5 Things to know about Labradorite

Posted by Lea Smith on Aug 30th 2016

Labradorite is one of my favorite stones to add into my jewelry because is resonates with nearly every one who lays eyes on it. This may be due to its flashy iridescent color paired with the many healing properties it possesses. 

Here are a few interesting things I have learned about Labradorite.

1. Labradorite was first found in 1770 on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. Today it is still mined in Norway, Finland, Russia, Madagascar, Mexico as well as the United States. The native people called Labradorite the "Fire Stone", as it was believed that it contained elements of the Northern Lights.

2. Labradorite is also known as the "Power Stone" and is believed to help you see through illusions.  It helps you determine the actual form or meaning of your dreams and goals.  This amazing stone helps you strengthen your natural energies, create new ideas and increase your self awareness and intuition. Pretty cool right!

3. Some of the best ways to wear Labradorite would be as a pendant to help you remain centered or maybe as earrings to increase your ability to hear messages from spirit guides. I have used it in one of my bracelets paired with the Amazonite stone, who's properties align nicely with the Labradorite. 

4. If that wasn't enough this magical stone is known to have healing properties. It helps the brain, eyes, lungs, as well as the digestive system. It is thought that Labradorite helps subside Cold and Bronchitis symptoms. It also lowers your blood pressure and helps reduce anxiety and stress levels in the body, while simulating your mental acuity.

5. One of the most common realizations people have while wearing Labradorite is that this stone lifts your mood and spirit. In the crazy lifestyle that we tend to have these days, anything that will help you stay focused and happy is a great addition to your routine. Hope you have learned something that will inspire you to get a piece of Labradorite of your own.