Fall Collection

Posted by Lea Smith on Sep 20th 2016

Even though it still feels like Summer, Fall is on the horizon, and Lea Smith Designs has some exciting new pieces to show you. My collection is all hand crafted by yours truly. I created my line to be unique, funky, yet easy to be accessorized with most styles.



Our earrings are all made from Argentium silver, which I love working with because it doesn't tarnish like sterling silver does. It has a lower copper content than Sterling Silver and this helps it from oxidizing by exposure to many elements. 

Lately I have been drawn to the beautiful simplicity of geometric design. You will see this most prevalent in my earrings. I love that they pop as statement pieces but are simple enough to be diversely worn.



I am really enjoying the long necklace trend that is widespread amongst the jewelry industry right now. I have included both short and long necklaces in my line that complement each other well. My necklaces are very inspired by the bohemian lifestyle. One of my favorites is the "Ocean Bell". This necklace has amazing movement to it. I love it paired with a simple outfit, maybe a single colored dress or shirt.