Lea Smith Designs was founded on the streets of Austin, Texas where designer and owner Lea Smith began handcrafting and selling her jewelry at local artisan markets.

Her passion for jewelry making started when she was very young, making friendship bracelets as gifts. Lea has always had an excitement for all things creative having come from a very artistic family, and she soon realized that her life’s work would be on this path.  With the help of family and friends, she decided to jump in with both feet and followed her heart and passion for the arts.

Our signature perspective is inspired by all things nature. You will see a lot of geometric design in her pieces as well as textures and forms, pulled directly from nature.  Lea wants to inspire women to be creative with their accessories, always encouraging you to pick pieces that make you  feel empowered as well as beautiful.  Jewelry is that little something that can make us feel unique or special on a day to day basis.   Her jewelry includes a collaboration of semi-precious gemstones and mixed metals. Lea also pays extra attention to the importance of making her jewelry lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long.

Hope you enjoy! Questions about getting a custom piece made please reach out to info@leasmithdesigns.com